Corporate test automation without developer skills?

With the help of the ACE test automation product and service package it is possible

Meet the ACE toolkit, the solution for all your test automation problems…

Easy-To-Achieve Test Automation Goals

You will be able to use the ACE toolkit quickly and successfully even if you have no prior test automation experience, or you are only getting to know the possibilities of this technology.

Quick Training Even For Non-IT Personnel

The proper application of the product doesn’t require the use of the most expensive and rarest development resources, and can be taught even to users without technical knowledge.

Maintaining & Training Of A Single Platform

Used as a unified company platform, ACE is capable of the verification of various applications to be tested within a unified conceptual and infrastructural framework.

Easy & Quick Test Suite Maintenance

The reusable and version-tracked test components and the integrated support for impact analysis help keeping the tests up-to-date.

Readily Available Manufacturer Support & Services

As the manufacturer of ACE, with every product package we provide operator, expert and developer support, with on-site assistance if needed.

Our clients can rely on us with confidence when it comes to supporting the product launch, managing the problems of the test automation projects and solving any connected task.

Real Solutions For Real Problems…

MKB Bank Ltd.

Performance-type automated tests.

Szerencsejáték Ltd.

Functional automated tests.

Audi Hungaria Ltd.

Development, support and automation.

Clients, who were satisfied with our work so far…

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