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The Future of Transactions: Why Testing Your Instant Payment System is Crucial?

Instant payment systems represent a significant advancement in financial technology, offering speed and convenience that traditional banking methods cannot match. As these systems become increasingly integrated into everyday transactions, ensuring their reliability and performance under various conditions is crucial.

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Case Study: Performance Testing of Instant Payment System at MKB Bank

In 2020, the biggest cash flow development of recent times took place, the introduction of the Instant Payment System, which revolutionized interbank settlement in Hungary.

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Temenos Testing Obstacles: the role of automated testing in optimizing banking systems

Nowodays banks and financial institutions are under constant pressure to offer reliable, efficient, and user-friendly services. Temenos banking system is the leader in banking software solutions. This article delves into the pivotal role that automated testing plays in optimizing Temenos banking systems.

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Is it possible to test automatically an integrated ATM System?

To address the challenges of the ATM industry, a unique aviation industry development was born from the cooperation of HungaroControl and the test automation expert company ProofIT.

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Data migration without errors - How to do it?

In our data-centric world, in order to operate smoothly and make decisions, businesses greatly need error-free data migration. However, data migration is a very complex process that is often a challenge for companies. In our article, we present the best practices and strategies for error-free data migration.

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Performance Engineering in 6 steps

Performance engineering, which is closely related to performance testing, is a method that aims to optimize the efficiency and reliability of IT systems. What exactly does performance engineering cover? What are the steps of the process?

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5 benefits of performance testing for complex IT systems

As IT systems become more complex, more and more emphasis is placed on the efficiency and reliability of the systems. Performance testing plays a key role in the development and operation of complex IT systems, as it enables the measurement and optimization of system performance.

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Load, stress and performance testing: When do we use it?

There are many testing methods that can be used to verify and optimize the performance of our applications. The most commonly used testing methods include load testing, stress testing and performance testing. In this article, we'll look at when to use these testing methods.

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7 possible reasons for performance degradation

Performance problems and slow response times make it difficult to use software and applications. In order to identify and solve them as soon as possible, we have collected the most common reasons that can cause the performance degradation of an IT system.

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6 avoidable data migration errors

The transfer of data stored in outdated IT systems to renewed technical infrastructure is becoming more and more common these days. In our article, we present the most common errors that could be relatively easily avoided during a data migration project.

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