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The Only Tool For Automated Regression Testing Of Integrated Air Traffic Control & Management Systems

Deploy a true automated test platform with flight industry specific extensions that ensures the most valuable human experts can incorporate their knowledge into an ever-expanding automated test suite without programming knowledge, enables the users to run ready-made tests at any a time required without human intervention, and detects errors fully automatically

Standards based (ICAO, EUROCONTROL, IETF…) capabilities for blackbox testing of integrated ATM systems

HMI / GUI Capabilities

Observe and interact all HMI elements just as human ATCOs do

  • Object level: X11, Motif, Qt, Java, .NET (menus, forms, fields, buttons…)
  • Computer vision level: (track labels, special symbols, relations…)

OLDI / FMTP Capabilities

Simulate adjacent FIRs OLDI messages activity as environment (ABI, ACT, REV…)

  • Operation: create, send, receive, verify (all messages in ICAO or ADEXP formats)
  • Channel: auto connect, maintain, sequence
  • Extra: template, parameter, auto response

Asterix / Radar Capabilities 

Simulate all necessary flights with radar signals as test environment

  • Standards: CAT-34, CAT-48 UDP signals (SSR with Mode A, Mode C, Mode S)

  • Operations: extract, edit, transform, emit

  • Transform: space, time and identification

AFTN Over IP Capabilities

Simulate all AFTN channel activity as environment (IFPL, MET…)

  • Operation: create, send, receive, verify (eg.: flight plan and meteo distribution)

  • Channel: auto connect and keep-alive

  • High level: templates and parametrization

Hybrid Test Automation 

  • Model based testing: defined interfaces, design support, optional test generation
  • Keyword based testing: only few keywords for observe, manipulate, sync, transform
Data driven testing: separated test data, elementary and structured test data

  • Low-code: drag-n-drop instead of scripting

Supported Test Types

  • Technical level: auto-regression, smoke, configuration, connectivity, interfaces
  • Basic functional level: layout, data entry, input validation, state transitions
  • High level: integration, use-case, process, end-to-end, error reproduction, environment management, regression

Test the behavior of your ATM system automatically in any real life like situations

ACC, APP, FIC, TWR flights, Departures, Arrivals, Overflights, complex sector sequences.

ATM System Test Tool by ProoIT & HungaroControl

Construct fully automated end-to-end test cases

Verify coordination processes, inter-FIR transfers, safety nets (MTCD, STCA…) and more…

Test perspectives for multiple actors in single automated test case

Multi FIR, multi sector, multi ATCO, multi role (PC, EC)

ATM System Test Tool by ProoIT & HungaroControl

Use one single test automation platform

Control uniformly all communication channels, all preconditions, all test data, all test cases, all expectations.

Key Benefits


Reduced time of test cycles from weeks to hours

Increased number of tests from hundreds to thousands

Early problem detection

Increased flight safety

Key Capabilities


Control and evaluate all channels of ATM systems (GUI, Radar, messaging…)

Build any simple or complex flight specific automated test scenario

Formalize, transfer and share your testing knowledge

Services Supporting The Product Use

We created services to support the use of our products, to make the technology easier to use for our Partners.

Embedded and matured test automation platform capabilities in ATM System Test Tool


Provided by full audit trail, test history, analytical reports, aggregated reports.

Easy Test Case Maintenance

Understandability, reuse, model repository, impact analysis, specified test data library.

Automatic Test Execution And Evaluation

Scheduled runs, triggered runs, automatic reports, run by test case, run by test suite.

Test Data Management

Dynamic, real time, managed unique (Callsigns, SSR codes), design time (AIP dependent)

Competency Needed In-House

ATM domain knowledge, ATCO practice, system operation, but no programming.

Proven track record in time and safety critical industries

Healthcare, automotive, railway, energy, commercial banking.

ProofIT_Hungarocontrol innovation

“This regression test tool is capable to build up comprehensive testing to test out the ATM system software. Starting with building elementary bricks of test pieces, and we can build up more complex test using these elementary test bricks, like using lego bricks.”

Gábor Szabó
Head of Air Traffic Systems Development Department @ HungaroControl

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The Joint Test Automation Team of ProofIT & HungaroControl.

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ProofIT_Hungarocontrol innovation

Gábor Szabó

ATM System Developer-Designer Expert

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Vállalati tesztautomatizáció - ProofIT Kft.

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R&D Director

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