Performance testing project in up to 3 months?


in short deadlines

  Learn more about our extremely popular performance testing service from our automated testing solutions. How do we measure the performance of software and IT systems in short deadlines?

What we offer?

  1. Project duration: 1-3 months
  2. Number of delegated experts: Min 2+ experts
  3. Number of charts for evaluation: 50+
  4. Type of work: Remote
  5. Price: Time & materials/Fix price
    (depending on the project size)

What is the process?

  1. Contact you within 24 hours
    2. Gathering project infos
    3. Identity target indicators
    4. Setting up measurement models
    5. Develop testing infrastructure
    6. Test performing & analysis
    7. Performance testing closure



With our performance testing service, we contribute to increasing the competitiveness of our customers. Our goal is to use our performance testing expertise to help our customers operate more efficiently and effectively.

Finished performance testing project

200+ net measurement hours

Our Main performance testing projects  

DSK Bank (Bulgaria)


The most critical components of the integrated, multi-component system serving the day-to-day operations of the bank: netbank, mobile banking, card systems, core banking system.


After the acquisition of a financial institution and mass data migration, in the role of an external tester, design, implement in several rounds the performance measurement (load, crash, durability), evaluate the results, and provide feedback for tuning.

Technological Environment

Web service, microservice, IBM MQ based machine interfaces for Windows, Linux and mainframe environments.

Project Period

February-May 2020

MKB Bank Ltd.


Oracle FlexCube and connected systems serving the core functions of the bank.


As external tester: methodology preparation, planning, execution and evaluation of the performance and comparative performance testing of the new central system before deployment, as well as providing feedback for fine tuning.

Technological Environment

Oracle Exadata platform, Oracle databases, Oracle J2EE application server, Oracle FlexCube application, and MQ and WS machine interfaces of the third-party system

Project Period






Electric Energy Measurement Management (VEM), a system including everything from collecting the manually submitted and automatically collected data to invoicing within the MVM group. Vacond System.


During the first project, as external tester: design, implementation, multi-cycle execution, result analysis, feedback for bug fixing and fine tuning for the partial performance testing (load, durability) in the integration phase. In the second project, the introduction of a test automation platform into the software infrastructure of MVMI Group and the automation of the tests of Vacond System, in the 2nd phase of the project the creation of testing of MVMI SAP software was set.

Technological Environment

Oracle database, Oracle WebLogic application server, web service and file-based machine interfaces, web-based user interface (1. project). Management system implemented on a web technology stack and SAP softwares (2. project).

Project Period

2014-2015, 2020-2021

“ProofIT works with us in the automated testing field with a highly trained expert staff, innovative solutions, they are flexible and possess the required technical expertise.”

Ádám Kocsis
Deputy Executive Manager @ IdomSoft

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