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Robotic Process Automation in practice

To make sure your company needs Robotic Process Automation, first learn what problems it solves and how RPA works in practice.

What does RPA solve?

  • Slow administration
  • Waiting customers
  • Overwhelmed colleagues
  • Lots of human error
  • Large number of internal processes
  • A piece of data in multiple non-integrated systems
  • Many manual data recording and transmission process steps

How does RPA work?

  1. Defining business goals
    2. Fast and comprehensive process inventory
    3. Process evaluation and selection
    4. Detailed knowledge of selected processes
    5. Formalize and automate processes
    6. Sharp business oversight and support
    7. Process maintenance

Why choose Us?

  • Not an IT project, control remains with business/professional managers
  • Extensive security, logging, privacy
  • Trained and experienced automation team
  • Experience running 1,000+ processes in 1,000,000+



We have developed our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service to help our customers become more efficient and effective. Our goal is to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of our customers.

“ProofIT works with us in the automated testing field with a highly trained expert staff, innovative solutions, they are flexible and possess the required technical expertise.”

Ádám Kocsis
Deputy Executive Manager @ IdomSoft

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