Automated test?! …How does it work?

A suitable toolkit, proper infrastructure, competent staff, correctly chosen goals, processes tailored to the work environment, operational and expandable test suite, expert analysis of the completed tests, measurable results from the invested work.

To successfully use and implement a test automation toolkit takes more than simply purchasing and installing it. Implementation also includes: creating a test automation team and testing laboratory, planning the processes and tests, producing test data, running and analysing tests, creating the conditions for the continued operation and integrating the test automation tasks into the organisation.

Choosing the correct goals and the successful use of new technologies is a step-by-step process. Our clients can confidently depend on us to solve any possible problems and related tasks when launching new products and in test automation projects. We offer our services tailored to the needs of our clients, from planning to execution and operation.

“We used the performance measurement and testing services of ProofIT Kft. in our 2018 product launch project. We came to know the staff of the company as well-prepared and dedicated professionals, their work was essential for the success of the project.”

Krisztián Bán
IT Operations & Telecommunications Director @ MKB Bank Zrt.

Product Launch Services

We offer support for our clients to successfully implement test automation right from the start. To make the first steps easier and to achieve plannable and measurable results, we offer supporting services for new product launch projects of our clients.

Building The Infrastructure

Building a dependable test laboratory infrastructure is essential for integrating test automation into everyday practice. Our technical services will help you with the dimensioning and installation of the test laboratory, with its integration into the business infrastructure and setup.

Performance Measurement

We provide project-based performance-driven solutions with our expert services and properly implemented performance measurement services for our customers suited for systems yet to be deployed and for already operating systems with capacity problems as well.

Test Suite Development

Our help in the implementation of automated tests will ensure that our clients achieve their test automation goals as soon as possible. Our experienced staff guarantees quick results.

Expert Support

Supporting the work of client-side teams for test automation and the creation of implementation templates, troubleshooting help, inspection services, recommending modifications and enhancements.


The availability of the test laboratory cannot limit the testing requirements. Automated test can be used even with 24/7 utilisation. Our operational services guarantee that you can run your tests at any time.

Product Launch Services

We will support our clients when implementing new technologies, which, as every new business platform, requires a learning phase in the beginning.  

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Purposeful building is necessary to achieve a return of investment, this consists of multiple tasks:

  • Setting well defined goals
  • Planning suitable for the goals
  • Creating a workgroup to perform the test automation
  • Acquiring the technical know-how
  • Creating correct test methodology and work processes
  • Ensuring the conditions for plannability and measurability

Our Clients typically require the following services when launching new products:

  • technical consultation,
  • training,
  • templates necessary for creation of the test suites,
  • methodological support,
  • technical integration tasks, as required.

Building The Infrastructure

The creation of a test laboratory, setting the correct configuration, creating the various test projects and ensuring the availability of the systems to be tested are all prerequisites for starting the practical steps of implementing automated testing.

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The components of the test lab must have access to the applications to be tested, and the staff must have access to the services of the lab. This isn’t always self-evident in a controlled business infrastructure.

Our infrastructure building service covers the necessary technical tasks, we contract the experts designated by the client, and create solutions that meet the criteria and the local regulations.

Performance Measurement

The verification of the design performance indicators is critical for systems before deployment, and in already operating systems finding and removing the bottlenecks is essential to manage user dissatisfaction traceable back to capacity problems.

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Professional performance measurement requires the planning and execution of targeted inspections, the results must be professionally evaluated and the proper conclusions must be drawn.

We have references from executing a number of enterprise level measurement projects, and our client recommend us based on our expertise and experience in solving these kinds of problems.

Test Suite Development

We support our partners even after deploying the test automation solution by designing and creating automated test suites.


Our clients sometimes request our personal cooperation in creating the automated tests to protect their investment in our tools, and to quickly achieve success.

With the help of our experienced colleagues our clients achieve their goals quicker, and after the initial creation of the test suite and the suitable patterns the integration of the client side test automation personnel will be easier after they participated in creating the framework.

Expert Support

In time, the value of the investment in the solution and its deployment is not materialised in the tools and working infrastructure, but in the maturity of the test suite and its easy adaptability.


The advantages of a well maintained and continuously used automated test suite is calculable, the improved quality and the maintained and improved results in this field are added to the performance of the company, and manifest as an improvement in efficiency.

The everyday work of the client side test automation team, the responsibilities of the test manager, the fulfilment of the quality assurance requirements is more and more covered by using a test suite created with test automation.

This ever increasing test suite will enable quick feedback and the planning and execution of ever more encompassing testing. We offer support for improving the test suites, performing the continuous maintenance and executing more and more complex tasks.

With our guaranteed availability and case-by-case services, we offer expert services for planning, troubleshooting, and supporting the test management tasks.


The requirements for the availability of the test laboratory used as the operating environment for the automated test suites are often times above the normal uptime of live systems.

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The test laboratory serves as the working environment of the test automation team, and also as the running environment of the tests.

Running extensive test suites can take long hours, even with parallel processing and correct organisation. The time requirements for obtaining the results necessary for running the tests and creating the test reports scales in parallel with the size of the test suite.

Therefore the requirements for operating the test laboratory become ever stricter with time. Our operational support services help with ensuring the availability of our clients’ existing test laboratories, we offer this service with a guaranteed availability set out in a separate contract.

Our supporting tasks typically include continuous monitoring, proactive operational tasks, maintenance tasks and case-by-case operational tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to use your services for launching a new product?

Our full suite of services is not required, this is not a prerequisite for taking ownership of the toolkit. You can learn the technical knowledge from the documentation, however in our experience, the one-week basic training makes the first few steps easier.

Can I request a custom set of services?

Yes, we are able to meet the specific requirements of our clients. In this case, we’ll jointly put together a custom service package based on a consultation.

Would I be able to create the test laboratory by myself without ordering your infrastructure building service?

The short answer is yes. For a more detailed answer please take the following into account:

  • Our service is a guarantee for the correct layout, and its verification is part of the service. 
  • If you create the test laboratory by yourself, then the responsibility for the correct layout also falls on you.
  • We offer no solutions for eliminating problems or repairing eventual errors caused by installing the test laboratory by yourself. 

How can I request expert support?

We offer expert support in two ways, as a flat rate service that meets SLA requirements, or as a case-by-case service, as requested. The expert support is aligned to the normal office hours of the client.

How does a performance measurement project work?

The outline of a performance measurement project is as follows:

  • analysing the problem,
  • planning, 
  • creating the load and measurement infrastructure suitable for the method, 
  • executing the measurement cycles, 
  • evaluation, 
  • making decisions,
  • implementing the adjustments based on the decisions, 
  • executing new measurement cycles to verify the results.


Can I use the test suite development service remotely?

Yes, you can, and based on our experiences, we prefer this method of providing our test suite development service. Two methods have proven to be successful in practice:

  • we connect to the remote test laboratory or test instance through a remote connection (VPN), 
  • we build a local test instance with the help of the client, and we only install the completed test suite on the remote test laboratory.

Do you offer test suite development contracts with an obligation to achieve a result?

Yes, this of course requires a preliminary survey and planning. Based on these we offer test suite development with an obligation to achieve a result.

Can I request periodical on-site expert support?

Yes, our clients can request on-site support from our experts based on a separate agreement.

As best practice, we recommend regular on-site visits at predetermined times, where in a consultation our colleagues will answer the questions you collected during the period.

Is there a universal solution for performance measurement?

As with any testing, there is no fully universal solution for performance measurement. In our experience, you always have to get close to the problem and create a suitable solution for the specific environment.

Generally speaking, there is no universal protocol for creating load templates for the system or for determining the measurement points.

Of course, there are very specific business fields, where interfaces have to meet strict standards, and these are suitable for standard data entry and collection, however even in this case it cannot be confidently said that the solution of a given problem is best done using these.

There are specialised software products that allow for creating clever monitoring solutions, but a well targeted measuring project is more than data collection and data analysis.

Usually for a successful outcome you have to create, implement and execute the correct load templates as planned, then use an evaluation method suitable for the measurement.

Do you offer a contract for providing case-by-case operational services?

We offer operational services on an availability based agreement. As this service is typically connected to unforeseen events, our colleagues must be on standby to perform these non-planned tasks.

“We worked with ProofIT Kft. during the test automation of the Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning system. The staff of the company successfully completed their designated tasks, and with their help we achieved made significant progress towards realizing our goals.”

Zoltán Faluvégi
Executive VP @ XAPT Ltd.

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