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Legacy migration: for whom, when recommended?

What are the benefits of legacy migration? Who should consider upgrading their older applications?

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Performance testing at DSK Bank in Bulgaria (2)

Bulgaria's leading financial institution carried out an IT system transformation during the pandemic. In the second part of our case study, we present the critical points and results of our performance testing project carried out together with KPMG for the Bulgarian DSK Bank.

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Performance testing at DSK Bank in Bulgaria (1)

Transforming a financial institution's IT system is a lot like building a bridge. Everything is made according to precise and detailed plans, and finally a load test must be carried out, as a result of which it is proven whether the practice justifies the preliminary calculations. We present the Bulgarian DSK Bank the essential points of our performance testing project carried out together with KPMG. (Part 1)

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When and for whom should performance testing be realized?

How does performance measurement of complex IT systems work in practice? In our series, approaching the topic from the decision makers' side, we present performance testing of complex softwares. We first describe when and for whom it is worth thinking about starting a performance testing project.

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2022 global testing trend predictions

What will be the main testing trends for 2022? How and where is the software testing industry expected to develop in 2022? What have we read from the articles of industry experts, what does the profession expect?

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Retrospective at 2021 testing trends

At the end of 2021, let’s look back at the year left behind by software testing eyes. We compare which trends the testing profession expected and what real trends Attila Mészáros, R&D Director of ProofIT experienced during 2021.

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3 + 1 misconceptions about test automation

In parallel with the acceleration of the software development process, test automation has become an increasingly widely used method. Still, there are a lot of misunderstandings, so in this article we will clarify the misconceptions about automated testing.

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IT-governance: optimizing value-creation through IT

How can IT optimizes value-creation? What is the role of IT governance, what is its purpose? What is the connection between business strategy and IT governance? What are the areas of IT management? What is COBIT? In our article, we examine these issues.

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Do we automate software testing instead of manual testing?

It is always worthwhile to decide on the transformation of our IT systems, the changes of the existing functions and operation of our software, keeping in mind the business needs. The more tests we perform, the more confident we can be that our software will work along the expected functionality. For whom, when is it worth automating software testing instead of manual?

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IT outsourcing: advantages and disadvantages

A key question when planning IT investments is whether to carry out the project with external or internal experts. What are the pros and cons of IT outsourcing? We present it in our article.

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