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International IT projects during coronavirus pandemic

How can an international IT project be implemented during coronavirus pandemic? In this article, we describe our experience during the performance testing project of Bulgarian DSK Bank.

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Connection between coronavirus epidemic and test automation

Accelerating digital transformation due to the coronavirus epidemic increases the need for test automation.

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How not to migrate IT system?

More and more companies are embarking on the path of digital transformation and deciding to modernize their existing systems in order to improve their business processes and increase the quality of services provided to their customers.

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How incorporate digital transformation into corporate culture?

Digital transformation needs to be made an integral part of corporate culture. Because each company’s digital transformation is unique, it’s worth incorporating it into the organization’s culture tailored to the company.

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Test automation: security and competitive advantage

Treating information and communication technology (ICT) systems as a critical resource is beginning to become a key factor in corporate strategy from an operational security perspective.

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