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ProofIT is 15 years old - Interview with the founders

A decade and a half is a long time in the life of a company. There were also sharp changes in direction at ProofIT, the company transformed from a software development company to a software testing company. Since then, using their diverse experiences, they have appeared on the market with automatic testing products. They feel in their element while solving complex problems and testing niche IT areas. We talked about the time since 2007, future and plans with the managers of ProofIT, CEO Zsolt Varga, R&D director Attila Mészáros and technical director Attila Borzák.

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3 reasons why you should invest in automated performance testing

Why is it recommended to invest in automated performance testing? In this article, we present the three most important reasons that reinforce the need to invest in automated, software-assisted performance testing.

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Oracle database in competitive applications

Zsolt Varga CEO from ProofIT gave a presentation at a webinar organized by Oracle in mid-October 2022. During the data management lecture series, participants received practical advice on the operation and use of Oracle's most popular product, Standard Edition 2.

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What do you need for successful data migration testing?

In order to minimize business risks, it is necessary to update the company's information systems in time, and at the same time to migrate the data from old applications. Migration errors can be avoided by performing proper data migration testing.

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10 must have CIO competencies

What key skills should a CIO have? In this article, we list the ten most important competencies, which development is strongly recommended for IT managers.

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TCOE: Assistance in Quality Assurance

TCOE is an excellent tool for achieving high quality test functions. In this article, we define TCOE, show how widespread its use is in Europe, and then briefly describe how to create a TCOE center.

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Conclusions: European Software Testing Report 2022

How much time do software development companies spend on quality assurance? How much is quality valued in organizations? We took a look at Software Testing News' 2022 European Software Testing Benchmark Report.

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Another milestone: Our office moved to the cloud

ProofIT has reached another milestone. By moving our office to the cloud, we further modernized our operation.

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Eco-conscious IT tool donation from ProofIT

RoboKaland has received IT donation from ProofIT. Our old IT tools will be recycled and used in summer IT camps for children.

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Innovation of HungaroControl and ProofIT reform the aviation industry

ProofIT's automated software technology-based system is capable for quickly and fully testing air traffic control systems. We present our joint innovation with HungaroControl at the 2022 World ATM Congress.

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