Is it possible to test automatically an integrated ATM System?

To address the challenges of the ATM industry, a unique aviation industry development was born from the cooperation of HungaroControl and the test automation expert company ProofIT.

Regression Testing of ATM Systems

HungaroControl, which has more than 20 years of experience in the development of complex and customized systems, and the test automation expert company ProofIT have jointly succeeded in automating the regression testing of ATM software.

The development allows ATM experts to radically reduce the time spent on manual testing. In addition to increasing the security of ATM systems, the innovation revolutionizes the industry standards for testing ATM systems.

Reducing Risks through Automation

The ATM industry faces many challenges: capacity constraints, risks from inadequate test data, and time constraints can cause operational outages in ATM systems. Recognizing these challenges, HungaroControl teamed up with ProofIT to create an advanced, low-code test automation platform to overcome these obstacles. Automated software testing in the ATM industry represents a giant leap toward increased security, efficiency, and future readiness.

According to Attila Mészáros, Research and Development Director of ProofIT, automated testing also contributes to reducing human errors and speeding up testing processes within the aviation industry, as he puts it:

„Our solution provides safer testing procedures. Bugs and humans usually don’t get along very well. Automated testing takes the human risk out of the equation, while it allows far more tests to be run and requires less time. Your key assets are your experts. Automated ATM software testing could save you up to 90% of the hours spent with manual regression testing, while it does not require software developers. Thus can your experts focus on real expert tasks” – claims the ProofIT’s R&D Director.

Gábor Szabó, HungaroControl's leading ATM system developer, also emphasizes the value of time and expertise.

„We know how valuable time is for you and your organization. The solution is based on a proven, deployment-ready automation platform with vendor and technology agnostic approach. Our test cases are designed in line with aviation industry specific standards and processes. ATM system test automation is already a reality, but it also needs implementation and customization. HungaroControl’s team of experts are ready to support your processes in the field of ATM system development, integration and testing” – explains HungaroControl's leading ATM system developer.

Treating experts' time as value

By automating the testing of ATM software, up to 90% of the hours typically spent on manual regression testing can be freed up. This not only optimizes efficiency, but the development allows qualified professionals to direct their focus towards tasks that require special knowledge and experience.

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The ATM system test tool represents a paradigm shift within air traffic control, as it offers broad test coverage, precise error detection and traceable control results.

Fast, Accurate, Comprehensive Testing in the Future

The ATM system test automation tool not only answers the current challenges, but also provides adaptability for the future. Its platform independence makes systems and technology combinations future-proof, allowing any ATM system to take advantage of these benefits worldwide.

The device can therefore be used to perform faster, more accurate and more comprehensive testing on critical ATM systems. With this pioneering tool, any company can flexibly adapt to the ever-changing ATM environment in the future.

The expert team of HungaroControl and ProofIT will therefore present in detail how automation can revolutionize the development, integration and testing processes of ATM systems.

Contact with our expert team:

  • Book a one-on-one meeting with our expert team in Geneva, Switzerland March 19-21. participate in Airspace World 2024.
  • Contact our joint ATM test automation team and book a free online workshop on regression testing if you miss the event.

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