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Is it possible to test automatically an integrated ATM System?

To address the challenges of the ATM industry, a unique aviation industry development was born from the cooperation of HungaroControl and the test automation expert company ProofIT.

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Data migration without errors - How to do it?

In our data-centric world, in order to operate smoothly and make decisions, businesses greatly need error-free data migration. However, data migration is a very complex process that is often a challenge for companies. In our article, we present the best practices and strategies for error-free data migration.

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7 possible reasons for performance degradation

Performance problems and slow response times make it difficult to use software and applications. In order to identify and solve them as soon as possible, we have collected the most common reasons that can cause the performance degradation of an IT system.

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6 avoidable data migration errors

The transfer of data stored in outdated IT systems to renewed technical infrastructure is becoming more and more common these days. In our article, we present the most common errors that could be relatively easily avoided during a data migration project.

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What is SPOF?

How does SPOF risk the security of the operation of IT systems? How does SPOF threaten software high availability? Why would it be necessary to identify?

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What can we measure with performance tests?

The performance-type tests and measurements can be of many kinds, which can examine the various properties, behavior, and value of performance indicators of the software or complex IT system.

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Why is outsourced performance testing common?

Measuring the performance of complex IT systems requires great expertise. It is necessary to think carefully, in-house people or external experts carry out the testing process.

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What Are the Benefits of Performance Testing?

Find out how performance testing can help your business identify potential bottlenecks or areas for improvement, ultimately allowing you to improve system performance and reduce risks.

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ProofIT is 15 years old - Interview with the founders

A decade and a half is a long time in the life of a company. There were also sharp changes in direction at ProofIT, the company transformed from a software development company to a software testing company. Since then, using their diverse experiences, they have appeared on the market with automatic testing products. They feel in their element while solving complex problems and testing niche IT areas. We talked about the time since 2007, future and plans with the managers of ProofIT, CEO Zsolt Varga, R&D director Attila Mészáros and technical director Attila Borzák.

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3 reasons why you should invest in automated performance testing

Why is it recommended to invest in automated performance testing? In this article, we present the three most important reasons that reinforce the need to invest in automated, software-assisted performance testing.

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